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We launched Spices.tel to source and provide a selection of spices and other ingredients that happen to be essential to many cuisines, and to make them easily available from one source at reasonable prices to people all over Canada. Our goal is to be your source for spices and other foods you can’t easily find elsewhere.

Spices.tel is a project of Alima Foods Inc., which operates Alima’s Roti and Pastry. Alima’s has been providing excellent Caribbean food and specialty breads for over 30 years in Brampton, Ontario, and is well-known in the Greater Toronto Area and well beyond. Alima’s flatbreads have been adopted by many communities – Canadians, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Somalis, and Mauritians, to name a few – and can be found in restaurants and stores of all kinds from Calgary to Nova Scotia. Locally, Alima’s supplies caterers, churches, temples, mosques, corporate offices, government offices, schools, and more with flatbreads, wraps, doubles, and other specialties.

For more information on Alima’s please visit Alimas.ca.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and would like to order our frozen prepared foods for weekly home delivery, please visit AlimasHomeDelivery.com.

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